Monday, June 13, 2011

Noodles and Strudel

Doodle the Poodle
Liked oodles of noodles
So he shared with his friends
Kit and Caboodle

They oogled and googled
The wet brown noodles
But the noodles were brutal
So they sounded the bugle
and said
"Ew...yucky wet noodles!"

They logged onto Google
and that's when they saw
A recipe for noodles
 For the price of a Ruble

They wanted to be useful
So they cooked more noodles
But the recipe was futile
Then they felt bamboozled

Doodle the Poodle
and his friends
 Kit and Caboodle
Gave up the noodles
And instead ate strudel.


Sherry Irvine - June 13, 2011