Monday, February 28, 2011



"This is the place where X marks the spot"
Says Pinky the cat with the pink polka dots

"And here we are - we finally made it!"
says bucky toothed Roberto the Rabbit

"Let's get digging" says Sally Salamander
"Before it gets dark" she says as a reminder

Crazy Coon looked at his friends in the group
"I think we made a great big oops"


"Because we forgot to bring a shovel!"


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where's my Fork?

Imagine trying to eat your spaghetti
Without a fork or spoon
You’d have to use your fingers
Like a funny ‘ole raccoon!

How would you butter your bread
If you had no knife to spread it?
Dip your finger in the butter
And spread it like you mean it?

This is how it happened
To the poor CN railway crew
When they tried to eat their dinner
With no knives or forks or spoons!


After school on Wednesday
Young Gerald went out to play
He came across the sleeper car
Where some of the workers stayed

What was inside this sleeper car?
He really wanted to know
So he went inside and looked around
And saw the eating utensils
All lined up in a row

He thought it would be very funny
To hide them under a bed
So when they ate their dinner
They would use their fingers instead!


Mr. Carter was going home
(He managed the railway crew)
He saw them trying to eat their dinner
With their fingers in their stew!

Mr. Carter thought this was funny
What happened to their utensils?
Then he found out what really happened
Young Gerald Carter!  That little Devil!

Young Gerald had a special spot
In the kitchen “bad-boy” corner
That is where he spent the evening
Until he could sit no longer

So if you lost your fork and knife
And you cannot butter your bread
Maybe Gerald took them
And hid them under YOUR bed!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Strawberry Monsters!

Strawberry Monster #1

I loved to eat my strawberries
While my babe was still inside
If I could not have them
I surely would have cried

My belly was big and round
When a friend came up to me
There was an old wives tale
He wanted to share with me

When you eat the strawberries
A strawberry birthmark will show
Upon your baby’s delicate skin
I thought you’d like to know.

I dismissed these claims, pishaw!
These silly old wives tales
I continued to eat my strawberries
Every morning without fail

My daughter arrived in perfect time
When she was good and ready
Ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes
And a strawberry birthmark on her belly!

It was slightly red and heart shaped
And included all the seeds
That silly old wives tale was true
I can say it happened to me!
Strawberry Monster #2

Finally when she was old enough
She ate strawberries too
She loved to eat them every morning
Enough for her and you!

Fast forward now to summer
She was only eighteen months old
We were at a family barbeque
This is how the story unfolds

A great big bowl of strawberries
That was meant for all the guests
Was placed in front of my daughter
Then suddenly there were none left!

She had eaten every strawberry
in that great big bowl
Her belly was full of strawberries
The dearest little soul.

The adults smiled and laughed
Over all the strawberries she ate
The cutest little strawberry monster
That God ever did create.

Ali's Chocolate Family

What do you get when you mix a Chocolate Orange and a Sherry Cherry Blossom?

Ali's chocolate family! 

Ali has a chocolate heart
It grows inside her chest
It's covered with a golden layer
To protect her inner sweetness

Her eyes are big and brown
Like giant chocolate chips
Don't forget the Hershey Kisses
They're right there on her lips!

She has two chocolate brothers
Two big 'ole chocolate bars
Dawson is O'Henry
Travis is Mr. Big
But Ali is the star

This of course, all makes sense
Their mother's a Sherry Blossom
A chocolate covered cherry
And she's really very awesome

Her Dad is a chocolate orange
But I really can't be sure
All I really know about him
Is that he adores Sherry Blossom's liqueur.




Monday, February 21, 2011

Row Row Row your Casket??

Three crazy Carter brothers
Gerald, Joseph and Dave
Three town trouble makers
Called The Highway Gang

A shipment of coffins
came in on the train
They put a plan together
And it was pretty insane

They snuck out one night
Straight down to the tracks
In one of the railroad cars
Was a shipment of caskets

They knocked off the lock
To reveal the treasure
This was the prank to which
All would be measured

They carried the caskets
To the black river bank
Launched them in the water
What a crazy prank!

"Come on quick!  Get inside!"
Gerald said to his brothers
They paddled the canoe caskets
For a few miles down the river

and the Carter brothers sang.....

"Row row row your Caskets
Gently down Grand Bay!
Merrily merrily merrily merrily
Watch us sail away!"

A Tea Party

Image:  Inspiration Piece - Monday's Child #34
We're sipping tea
and having biscuits
My monkey friend and me

The table is set so pretty
With china cups and saucers
For my monkey friend and me

The tea is steeped lovely
A little sugar, a little cream
For my monkey friend and me

Spread a little bit of honey
On the freshly baked biscuits
For my monkey friend and me

I am having a little tea party
in the middle of July
For my monkey friend and me

The Blueberry Patch

Little girl Catherine &
Little boy Gerald
Went with their mother
To the blueberry fields

Old Mrs. Bennett
Came along for the ride
The children didn't like her
So they decided to hide

"There's lots of berries over here!"
The mischievous children did shout
They ran away to play somewhere else
When they heard Mrs. Bennett cry out

"Eeeek!  Eeeek!  Oh my goodness!
I've stepped in an ant's nest over here!"
The ants were crawling up her skirt
Making her jiggly bum wiggle -- oh dear!

Little girl Catherine &
Little boy Gerald 
Giggled in pure delight
Hiding behind blueberry smiles.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

King of Low Prices

Benjamin needed a new pair of shoes
There were holes in the bottom
of the shoes he outgrew

He walked a long way to get to the store
With eight dollars in his pocket
For new shoes to score

"Ponjo's" was the best store around
He had the finest selection
In all of the downtown

There were boxes and boxes everywhere
Dishes, clothing, toys, and more
Are there really shoes in there?

"Can you help me find some shoes?
Cheap and sensible please."
Old Ponjo obliged and showed him a few

He picked a pair "These are nice."
He thought for a second, then he asked
"Can you do better on the price?"

The owner agreed and gave him a deal
A buck or two was saved
He got an idea from the whole ordeal

And now he's
The King of Low Prices.

Maggie Magpie's Surprise

Little Maggie was a Magpie
The apple of Bobbie's eye
The cutest, happy little fry
Smiling, friendly, never shy

She lay awake, unable to sleep
So she did the midnight creep
Mommy & Daddy were asleep
She snuck downstairs without a peep

In the morning, when the sun was high
He wiped the sleepies from his eyes
He came across an interesting surprise
"What the heck?" her Daddy cried

A load of peanut butter was applied
To every single doorknob inside
"I wonder who did this?" he sighed
"I was Maggie Magpie!"

One thing about Maggie Magpie
You can't stay mad - you can try
She has the cutest happy smile
And a mischievious twinkle in her eye.

Maggie Magpie - it's time to sleep
Your dreams are yours for you to keep
If it helps, count all the sheep
Now go to sleep -without a peep

Oh my!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Eggsactly Benjamin

This is the story about Benjamin
He was just six years old
When he got into a lot trouble
For all the eggs he sold


His mother shared a hen house
with Auntie Clair next door
Together they share the expenses
The chickens, the eggs, and more


Every morning at the crack of dawn
Benjamin would sneak outside
He went down to the hen house
To see how many eggs he could find

He'd put them in a basket
and sell them door to door
Selling them to the neighbours
Until there were no more

Knock Knock Knock Knock
Then someone came to the door
"Would you like a fresh egg Miss?
A nickel each or less if you buy four?"

Meanwhile.....back at home.....

His mother and Auntie Clair
Went to collect their eggs
But they got into an an argument
What happened to all the eggs?

His mother looked at Auntie Clair
"You took all the eggs!"
Auntie Clair would look right back
"No I didn't!  YOU took all the eggs!"

Benjamin returned from selling the eggs
To hear arguing between the two
He grinned a little mischievious grin
His mother and Auntie had no clue.

But soon enough the sisters found out
He got into trouble, and that was that
There would be no more selling eggs
So in the corner, there he sat.

Sherry Irvine - February 19, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Your Party

I made this cake
Especially for you

I put on my apron
and decorated it nice
Full of pink sugar
and lots of spice

Now lets sing
a pretty song
Short and tweet
and not too long

Meatball Frank

Beware:  Meatball Monster

Everyone called him Meatball Frank
For reasons we know why
The only thing he'd ever eat
Was canned meatballs piled high!

Meatballs for breakfast
And meatballs for lunch
Meatballs for dinner
and even Sunday brunch!

Every day his mother would try
To make him eat something new
Potatoes, peas, macaroni & cheese
Sometimes a delicious stew

He sat to the table every night
His hands upon his knees
He was always polite - never rude
"May I have my meatballs please?"

She would get his meatballs ready
Then she'd smile and say
"You're a silly Meatball Monster!
You eat them every day!"

Meatball Frank is all grown up
He is a married man
Now he eats almost everything
Including meatballs from a can.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011



Good night, good night
Wherever you are
Close your eyes
Your Mamma’s not far

Your Daddy’s in his bedroom
Right next to yours
Close your eyes
Now count to four

One  two  three  four

Dream your sweet dreams
Angels are watching over you
Keeping you safe
 God blesses you.


Georgie boy is my cat
He’s not too skinny
And he’s not too fat

Sometimes he likes to catch the mice
I give him a pat and say
“Oh isn’t that nice!”

When it’s warm he goes out to play
But when it’s cold
He yowls all day

“Let me out!”
He wants to say
Then he purrs and wants to hang out


Little boy Robert
Liked to talk and talk and talk
His teachers put him in the corner
To try to make him stop

His Grandad would offer him money
His mother would roll her eyes
He talked and talked and talked and talked
But never told a lie.

He talked all day
He talked into the night
Until he closed his eyes
When there was no more light

When the sun came up the very next day
His eyes would open and mouth would move
He would talk and talk and talk and talk
All the way to school.

Sherry Irvine - February 15, 2011


There once was a girl named Bella
Who was as cute as a button I tell ya
She has blue button eyes
A pink button nose
And little button teeth
As white as the snow

Now it's time to....tickle your....

teehee teehee hahahaha!