Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Make Me Up Momma!

Jezika , Lala and Mr. Brush Teeth
Three very special friends
They always played together
Until it was time for bed

Jezika was quite the pretty thing
Only she did not agree
I wonder why she thought this
'cause she's as cute as can be

She wanted to look beautiful
So she snuck away to play
with Lala and Mr. Brush Teeth
Happily leading her astray

She found her mother's makeup
On top of the bathroom counter
Where the soap and toothpaste lived
Lala and Mr. Brush Teeth behind her

She carefully applied the lipstick
Her eyelids shadowed with care
Cheeks aglow with pinkish blush
A little eyeliner here and there

She stared at herself  in the mirror
Gazing into her big blue eyes
"Now I'm really beautiful
My Momma will be so surprised!"

Lala and Mr. Brush Teeth
Were Jezika's pretend friends
They always played together
Three very special friends

Sherry Irvine - March 29, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Surprise Guest

The elves and imps and faeries
Gathered up on yonder hill
Right beneath the old oak tree
With hungry tummies to fill

They lay the cloth upon the ground
And present the birthday cake
Come on everybody - gather 'round
They sing a song and eat some cake


Surprise!! Surprise!! It's Squirrelly Sam
Welcome to the birthday picnic!
They look forward to his magic hands
They're delighted to see his tricks

A slight of hand with magic cards
A mysterious blue hankerchief
Behind an ear a shiny gold star
 These are delightful magic tricks!

Applauds and cheers from everyone
Squirrelly Sam takes a bow
"It looks like you had a lot of  fun
I'm glad you enjoyed the show!"

Pretty soon the day was done
The tummies were full of cake
Time to make their way back home
Before Mamma's call and the evening wakes

Sherry Irvine - March 28, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mr. Robin Redbreast

Hello Mr. Robin Redbreast
You darling little thing
In March I always search for you
You're the first sign of spring!

In the morning when I awake
I love to hear you sing
Your songs are bright and cheerful
Delightful words you bring

I see you play upon my grass
You dance your little dance
Searching for your breakfast
Looking for your romance

I watch you gather twine and twigs
To make your marriage nest
Then the Mrs. lays her eggs
And you proudly puff your chest

Then the little chicks are born
You look after them so well
Feeding them, protecting them
Until they say farewell

I will savour every moment
As you play in my backyard
One day you will disappear
And winter won't be far.

Sherry Irvine - March 22, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Black Tears and Marshmallows

See the House on the Highway?
The Carter kids grew up right there
The railroad yard was located out back
This story is true, I swear!

Clickety clack clickety clack

The ferries would cross the channel
From Sydney to Port-aux-Basques
The workers unloaded the ferries
Putting the railway cars on the tracks

Each car would be filled with a load of goods
That would be taken to far away places
Most of the cars went on their way
And a few would have to stay

The railway cars that stayed behind
Were temporarily stored out back
near the House on the Highway
on an storage railroad track

Clickety clack clickety clack

Catherine, Gerald and some of their friends
Were in the storehouse where they played
Eating sweet marshmallows
Unaware of Gerald's mischevious tirade

Then the CN police came snooping around
They were looking for someone you see
Someone had broken into a railway car
There was missing marshmallow treats!

What would they do? Oh no! Oh no!
This was really really bad
because the manager of the railroad
was Catherine and Gerald's Dad! 

So they did the only thing they knew
They hid inside the coal bin
They were in trouble...you bet they knew
Shaking and quivering their chins

Well of course the police did find them
 With quivering chins and big black tears
Blackened completely from head to toe
There was even coal dust in their ears!

They were all sent home to have a bath
And were put to bed without supper
But that's okay and only because
Their bellies were full of marshmallows!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Me ears are sore
 No drops in store
So off to the doctor I go
“Well Master Ben....I hereby recommend
A tooth be pulled again”

Me face it aches
Me head it breaks
Off to the doctor I go
“Well Master Ben....I hereby recommend
A tooth be pulled again”

I stubbed me toe
So off I go
To see the doctor again
“Well Master Ben....I hereby recommend.
A tooth be pulled again”


If I keep goin' to the doctor
Me teeth will be all gone
I won't be able to chew me food
And that would be just wrong!

"So Master Ben....we hereby recommend
The doctor visits end!


Petite vs. Brawny

They made it to the finals
Two women, age twenty-three
They walked on the court with confidence
The last game of District "B"

They faced their two opponents
Who barely reached the net
They didn't have the faintest idea
It would be their hardest game yet!

Jayme turned twelve the other day
Her little sister Kelly is only ten and a half
Now don't be fooled because of their size
They are very skilled at their craft

Birdies rallied, scores were tallied
The ladies took the first game
Jayme and Kelly won the second
And then an exciting third game

People gathered around to watch
This game of petite vs. brawny
Then Jayme and Kelly won the match!
And the pipsqueaks smiled broadly

The family gathered all around
Hugs and kisses for the winners
The newspapers wrote their story
And people took their pictures

So whether you are short or tall
Practice what you love to do
Dream your dreams really big
And make those dreams come true

Sherry Irvine - March 16, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bob & Baby Boboo

My name is Baby Boboo
I stand upon this chair
Waiting for my Daddy
So out the window I stare

I wonder where my Daddy went
He said he wouldn't be long
I am really not that worried
Because Daddy's really strong

My Daddy is my hero
He sings me silly songs
"There Once Was a girl named Nantucket"
But Mommy thinks that's wrong

My Daddy likes to make me laugh
He dances the Dad ballet
He's big and kinda goofy
"Do it again!" I laugh and say

My Daddy tucks me in at night
and reads me a bedtime story
About trucks and cars and trains
Big boats and little dory's

One day when I'm a big man
I would be delighted
To be a Daddy like my Daddy
The power of Daddy love ignited

My Daddy

Sherry Irvine - March 14, 2011

Step on Mamma's Back?

On my way to school one day
I stepped on a great big crack
I wonder if it really meant
I'd break my Mother's back

I thought about this all day long
Is Mamma's back okay?
What if I really broke her back?
Then what would she say?

I got home after school this day
And my Mamma was lying down
My eyes welled up with tears
My mouth turned upside down

"Why are you crying?" she asks
"I'm sure I broke your back"
"Why on earth would you think that?"
"Because I stepped on a crack!"

"It's true that sometimes my back is sore
But it has nothing to do with you.
Mamma's just getting older,
But here's what I want you to do"

Then Mamma lies down on the floor
"Never mind that silly crack"
Now take off your shoes and socks
"And stomp all over my back!"

"ooooo owww oooo owwww
oh that feels so good!
Keep stomping on my back"
Then all of a sudden I understood.....

 I see her pretty smile
I can see she's really glad
Stepping on her back is very good
So I have no reason to be sad.

This is the story of Yesha
And her lovely mother Su
So next time you step on a crack
Pretend you're stepping on Su!!
(teehee teehee)

Sherry Irvine - March 11, 2010

Flowers for Nana - Monday's Child #37

I have a secret garden
Where the wildflowers grow
Baby Blue Eyes and Forget-Me-Nots
Are some of the flowers I know

Snap Dragons and Shasta Daisies
“She loves me, she loves me not”
Sweet Alyssum and Blue Bells
Grow in this secret spot

I’ll fill my wicker basket
With kisses and rainbow showers
I’ll take them to my Nana’s house
 This basket of pretty flowers

Knock, knock!
“Nana, Nana - where are you?”
(There's no answer at the door)
"I guess that she's gone out today
So I'll come back tomorrow."

I leave her with my basket full
of Baby Blue Eyes and Forget-Me-Nots
These flowers from the secret garden
The garden of my heart.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rockin Harry

There once was a man named Harry
Who worked on the Sydney ferries
He had a baby and seven other children
And he quite adored every one of them

Everyday when he finished his work
His seven children would go beserk
He'd walk in through the old front door
And they lovingly attacked him to the floor

The youngest one was eight months old
Oh his babies he loved to hold
So he took her to his rocking chair
Rocking her back and forth with care

Well....on this day he rocked too much
Faster and faster with the babe he clutched
Until the rocker turned completely over
He and the baby upside down in the corner

Two slippered feet stuck up high in the air
Holding on tight to the baby's welfare
The children all laughed at this funny sight
Giggling at their father with innocent delight

And then of course the rescue began.
The rocker was set upright again
Then Harry sat back down in his rocker
The babe in his arms and he rocked and rocked her.

Sherry Irvine - March 13, 2011

Chocolate Cake Dreams

I always wanted a chocolate cake
But my mother refused to make it
She always baked vanilla cakes
Because Daddy didn't like chocolate

We lived in Woodbridge at the time
at the corner of Islington and Seven
Across the highway was the IGA
And my box of chocolate heaven

It was a lovely sunny day
A perfect day for a walk
So I took my baby in the pram
And I walked around the block

I stood at the busy highway
I carefully looked both ways
I waited until there was a break
Then crossed to the IGA

I knew exactly where to find it
My Duncan Hines Chocolate cake
Through the doors, turn this way
To the aisle with all the cakes

I reached out with my little arms
Until my fingers grasped the box
I carefully put it in my baby pram
And then I turned and walked

Out the door, across the highway
Past Scott's Funeral Home
Around the corner, down the sidewalk
Until finally I was home

 "Mommy - can you bake me a cake?"
"Where on earth did you get that?"
 "I got it at the IGA - a cake for you to make!"
"NO....we cannot keep it...we have to take it back!" 

The tears welled up inside my eyes
We took back the chocolate cake
My mother apologized to the grocery man
And told me "you're not supposed to take!"

Ohhhh...I had to pay?
I truly did not know
I was just a little girl
Barely four years old

Sherry Irvine - March 12, 2011

Cake Image:  Etsy:  Dollhouse Scale  2 Tier Chocolate Wedding or Occasion Cake, listing #26750188

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Land of Orange Bliss

We're riding in an orange boat
We're sailing the milky sea
The sun is orange in the sky
It's as bright as it can be

I am the captain of this ship
And you are my first mate
Look through my binoculars
Is that an island that awaits?

The sand is made of crispy rice
Orange lollipops line the beach
I see an orange jelly fish
It looks yummy and very sweet

Chocolate oranges on every tree
Orange flamingos and macaroons
I see an orange shortbread house
And angels with orange balloons

What is this magical place? I ask
This is a land of orange bliss!
But my thoughts are interrupted
As my mother gives me a kiss (yuck)

It's time for me to go to school
She hands me my old lunch pail
I hope it's....
Orange marmalade sandwiches
Baby carrots and an orange with a sail.

Sherry Irvine - March 8, 2011

CREDITS:  Painting by Cheryl Poulin, Ottawa, Ontario - http://www.earmark-decorative-painting-studio.com/mixed-media.html

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sleeping Bunny - Monday's Child #36

Monday's Child #36

I'm reading a magic storybook
Because when I open each page
I'm a character inside the story
And I'm very very brave

I tiptoe softly through each page
As everyone's asleep you see
I must be there for a long long time
Because tree roots are growing over me

The roots are tickling my tummy
And they tickle my little toes
I'm trying hard to open my eyes
But sleep has kept them closed

They give me hugs and kisses
and surround my pretty head
All the while I'm in the book
Yet I'm really inside my bed

And then of course I realize
that I am the Sleeping Bunny
Dreaming sweet Princess dreams
Waiting for Prince Wabbit to kiss me
The End.

© Sherry Irvine – March 7, 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Erika and Her Pasta Princess Wedding

I know a girl named Erika
She is a Pasta Princess
Fettuccini, spaghetti, bowtie
And macaroni for the guests

She is not an ordinary Princess
She likes to wear long pants
So when she’s finished her pasta
She can do her pasta dance

She likes to eat her pasta plain
"Please set the sauce aside"
So if she gets some on her pants
Her mother will not cry

When she becomes a woman
She’ll marry an Italian man
We're invited to her wedding
In perfect pasta land


Her gown is made of pasta shells
Around his neck a bowtie
Rings of tortellini, flowers of radiatore
And a church with lasagna aisles

They'll stay married a long long time
Dancing the rotini and fusilli
This is the end of Erika's pasta story
Now wasn't that really silly?!

IMAGE CREDITS:  Google Images