Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Cuddlebugz Photography - Kitchener, Ontario

Knock knock knockin’ at the old front door
One two three – Lana knocks some more
Little Lana’s knocking, but nobody’s home
Except for a spider running across the stones

The little spider says in her little sweet way
“Would you like to come inside to play?”
Little Lana looked around and said “who me?”
And the little spider nodded and said “yes please”

So the two of them played and talked all day
Weaving their stories, going every which way
They went to the moon on the spider’s web
Fell down laughing on the imaginary bed

They danced on a dew drop and dined on a rose
Played hide n’ seek where the tall grasses grow
But when the twinkling stars came out to play
Little Lana and the spider had to call it a day.

So Little Lana called her mom on the phone
And said “Mommy, I would like to come home”
Now sweet Little Lana is snuggled  in her bed
Dreaming of the moon and a spider’s web.

© Sherry Irvine – January 3, 2012

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