Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Dad and Zach - Maintenance Crew - 2012

I want to play big boy hockey
But I’m much too little to play
I put on my skates and get on the ice
I’m the maintenance crew today

I pretend I’m driving the Zamboni
Around and ‘round the rink
Clearing all the pretty snow
Too make it smooth I think

My hands are on the steering wheel
The big engine screams and roars
The seat is tickling my bottom
As it rumbles across the floor

Around and ‘round the ice I go
My Mommy cheers me on
Everybody loves the Zamboni
Until all the snow is gone

So now I’ll watch my brother
Play hockey upon our rink
As Mommy hugs me warmly
Giving me hot chocolate to drink

I’d like to ride the Zamboni
When I grow up some day
Everyone would cheer me on
Hurray!! Hurray!! they'd say.

The End

© Sherry Irvine – January 24, 2012

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