Saturday, August 11, 2012


Where buttercups grow
And the great moose roam
Atop a sugarloaf mountain

Lived three little imps
As big as blue shrimps
Named Baby, Carter and Jacob

They woke up one day
In the land of the Fae
Needing a big adventure

They hopped on a moose
While drinking their juice
And munched on wild bake apples
Down the big mountain
Through a mud fountain
They made their way to the beach
The waves were so high
They laughed and they sighed
The salt water tickled their feet

They met a big crab
Who called himself Brad
As he boogied upon a great branch
A house made of sand
Was made by their hands
And was as tall as a bumble bee
They each built a moat
With seashells for boats
But argued which one was better

They asked a wrinkle
Who nodded and tinkled
And they thought that was kinda gross

They lost their pants
While swimming with ants
And now what would they do?
With sand in their hair
And little butts bare
They decided they should go home

They gathered sweet berries
And called cousin Sherry
The one who wrote this story

They got on a moose
Their tongues very loose
Recalling the days events

Through a mud fountain
Up the big mountain
They made their way back home

With satisfied smiles
That would last a while
They all jumped into their beds

Baby’s blue eyes closed
Dreaming as he dozed
What treasures will tomorrow bring?

Dear little Carter
Could go no farther
Than his bed in the mushroom patch

Jacob, dearest thing
Slept under the wing
Of a soft white speckled owl
Goodnight dearest imps
My blue little shrimps
May all your good dreams come true

©Sherry Irvine – July 7, 2012

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